Project management

We provide external support to your own project management office teams using Agile or Waterfall project management methodologies.

Release management

We provide version management of software projects and preparation of version management plans.

Operation & Test Support

TEİN Software Co. provides support for Following and implementing the targets of the affiliated operation group.

System Integration

This service is provided either as complete for your needs or as outsourcing to your own middleware teams.

Software Development

TEİN Software Co. provides end-to-end solutions to your software needs with its team specialized in multiple platforms and external software support to your own software teams with Java, .Net, PL/SQL, SQL, C++, C# etc. by using Agile, Waterfall, Scrum etc. methodologies.

Operation & Test Support

With the experience of our operation teams, their adaptation to developing technology and the tools they use, you can enjoy watching its positive effect while they increase the quality of your information technology infrastructure

Software development

Based on years of know-how in the field of secure software development, TEİN Software Co. incorporates expert teams capable of providing the necessary balance between the power consumed in the software development process and the project completion time. In all these processes, TEİN Software Co. minimizes the risk and acts within the security policy. The professional staff follows every stage closely and proceeds by making the corrections in the system instantly.

  • During the process, the work flow is carried out in a balanced manner, and the designs suitable for the profile of your organization are shaped to create value.
  • In accordance with all these principles, TEİN Software Co. design the system, develops and productize the project.

High quality applications in accordance with security standards are developed thanks to experienced resources and efficient teamwork skills with a unique perspective.

Project management

We provide external support to your own project management office teams by using Agile or Waterfall project management methodologies to plan, manage and control resources such as people, tools and materials in order to realize the project in the most efficient way, taking into account the limited time, cost and technical conditions in software projects.

As TEİN Software Co. we do not let go of performance, cost, timing and quality management while reaching the project goals. While we make our planning according to these criteria, we check the suitability of our activities according to these factors. While completing our projects on time and within budget criteria, we consider it our duty to fulfill the performance requirements in the best way. In order to achieve the performance, cost, time and quality targets that lead the way in project management, we direct the resources to the right places, we create an efficient program from the beginning, and regularly check the project dynamics. Thus, we take our precautions against the problems that may arise from the very beginning of the system. The definition, planning, analysis, control and inspection of all these processes are meticulously carried out by our team. As at every stage, our employees, who focus on the goals of your organization in project management, minimize the margin of error with their knowledge, skills and equipment.

Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Project management Realizing version management of software projects, preparing management plans,

  • Status tracking, version management activities, production controls of codes that are in line with trends
  • Installation on development servers at the end of the release and informing the teams about it,
  • In this area, which is important for quality management, the product We define a structure according to the Configuration Management Process, and we put it into practice.

Periodic maintenance of repositories, a digital platform where data is stored and managing repository user access authorizations. we provide external support to your version management teams.

Enterprise Architecture

TEİN Co. At this stage of the software, we set out to create the software architecture of the product with the appearance and flow that emerges at the end of the analysis and planning process of our professional staff.

Ease of use, functionality, flexibility, ease of maintenance and reliability are among the most important elements in the design process.We decide the technologies and software architecture to be used with the right choices and realistic solutions from the very beginning of the system.While coding a project, our experts behave very precisely, despite its integration with developing technologies, being extendable and improvable.It is one of our principles to carry out a study by elaborating the points we have determined after drawing up a plan on corporate architecture, which is one of the cornerstones of the software development process.